Night Crawlers

There’s an interesting and almost witty contention – “The sure cure for insomnia is to get more sleep”. But while the premise is somehow funny, it is problematic too. Because it assumes that not sleeping at night is a sickness. And of course, medical proof says so. But other than its scientific angle, we know there are other aspects of life other than physiological certainties. For one, insomnia might be a gift.

Insomnia can be the next face of cultural and social revolution. From 14th to 17th century, Renaissance Art is the cultural bridge between the Middle Ages [also know as Dark Ages] and modern history [the age of discovery]. The 60s and 70s gave birth to hippies counterculture. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll restructure the world’s definition of what’s cool, what’s acceptable to public. A totally different consciousness!

The 90s bandemonium and the more recent independent cinema also bring us new perspectives and appreciation.

Not as defined as its earlier counterparts, insomniacs will soon philosophically, albeit unconsciously, reenvision the meaning of time and body clock; work and rest; habits, creation, recreation and other things existential.

Not as pushy as the hipster pseudo [and a misnomer] movement, insomniacs will introduce some schools of thought almost half-awake, half-asleep. And you don’t have to wait for it. It will come eventually.

While others are sleeping.

Needless to say, we are not trying to influence anyone. But you might want to hear us out. What’s happening at night? Bars and gigs; bands and music; stand up comedies and other performances; film, theatre and books; celebrities, entertainment and humor; crimes, passion and society in general; the philosophical self and its absurdities; travel, country roads, our roots and other cultural finds; sports, cosmos, life and the celebration of what’s possible.

Lastly, we are absolutely passionate to write and upload photos of the experiences mentioned above but we are far from being journalists. We’re insomniacs. And we’re happy to share some stories and perspective. Should you want to contribute; invite us [for whatever reason LOL!]; or share and say something; or partner with us, contact us here –

Insomnia might be a gift. Or not. But we will figure it out.