Netflix’s Series DARK and the Definition of Being, Time and Space

DARK is a German science fiction thriller from Netflix about disappearances, family, gloomy settings and some time bending realities. The intricate web of stories and timelines is an engaging watch. Although because we are not familiar with those German actors, there might be some sort of confusion at first on who’s who. But after the initial familiarisation, the audience have nothing but awe.

The cliffhangers were made to perfection. Just when you thought you figured out some things, there are even more surprises and twists.

Even if I’m biased for this kind of narrative, it is a hard to suspend the disbelief. Because of its supernatural nature, strictly speaking. But with this series, I almost forgot its metaphysical and almost impossible realm. It is beautiful and painful to watch at the same time. It is mysterious, philosophical and maddening.

Of course, we are all obsessed with the idea of free will. But after completing this series, it makes me wonder the definition of being and that we, as creatures, are bounded by time and space. Thus, maybe fate. But please, no!


written by: Dima

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