SEVEN SUNDAYS is a Beautiful Tearjerker Movie

For a solo child whose father died when he was only one year old, watching a story about siblings and their father is surprisingly engaging and relatable. The movie SEVEN SUNDAYS is a tearjerker that I cried a river. Its sincerity and the good balance of drama and occasional humor is spot on! It has the discipline to stay away on becoming melodramatic even with its serious theme. Even there were so many chances to overdo and over exploit the dramatic scenes.

Cathy Garcia Molina did a masterful directing job — maximizing her first-rate cast. And speaking of the film’s stars — one can expect nothing but excellence from Ronaldo Valdez, Aga Muhlach, Dingdong Dantes and Ketchup Eusebio. But Cristine Reyes and Enrique Gil are major revelations here. This is not the usual bitchy cardboard character of Cristine Reyes. Or the boy next door Enrique Gil whose only screen presence is his good looks. Here, all the major characters are functioning as a smooth unit delivering a solid ensemble performance.

Truth to tell, there was at first a hesitation before watching this movie. Seeing the trailer and sensing some resemblance on THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS’ premise, I thought — here we go again, another Star Cinema rip off! But I was wrong. Thankfully!

The movie has unique Filipino sensibilities and nuances about family, self doubt, self worth and self assurance.

SEVEN SUNDAYS doesn’t have mesmerizing gimmicks or complicated and mind fucked storytelling. Or artsy cinematography. And it doesn’t need to. Its rawness + superb acting + sincerity is the winning formula straight to its audience’s heart.

You should watch this movie alone. So you can cry without hesitation.


[written by: Dima]

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