100 TULA PARA KAY STELLA is a Failed Version of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER

It seems the movie 100 TULA PARA KAY STELLA tried to copy the charm of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER but it failed.

Bella Padilla’s character, Stella, has an interesting personality. She’s dynamic and more importantly, real. But the role of JC Santos, Fidel, is too self-righteous and pathetic too be likeable. He is drowning with too much melodrama of his own doing. A loser character usually has a sympathetic screen presence but the self-inflicted pains here are too much to be still believable.

And speaking of these 2 characters — they didn’t blend well with the film’s setting and milieu. The bit roles, it felt, were just there as background non-essentials.

One of the integral parts of the movie too, is their singing voice. Specially that of Fidel. And it was praised in the story numerous times. But truth to tell, he can sing but nothing’s special with it. Thus, the disconnect at least on this part.

The edit rhythm doesn’t help the film, either. There were insert cuts that were out of place. A close up of a light bulb, the shaking of Fidel’s hands, Stella’s drinking of beer, etc. They were some of the unnecessary discomforts included on the final cut that seemed came straight from a bad TV edit.

And the more basic continuity were disregarded too on some scenes.

Not extraordinary but the cinematography is relatively good. Even if it feels a story straight from Wattpad, the storytelling has the elements to become engaging. The nostalgia factor is even more promising, almost a love letter to the past. But if there are other factors more glaring than these, it can become just a footnote.


(written by: Dima)

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