GUERRERO: No Big Stars? No Problem!

There’s a pre-conceived notion that religious films are boring and preachy. And while the movie GUERRERO wasn’t marketed as one, people know that it was produced by a group from Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, the pre-conceived notion.

But judging from our past encounters with its director, Carlo Ortega Cuevas — the quality of the said film won’t be compromised just to pleased the core market of their group. And true enough, it didn’t disappoint.

The first parts were laugh a minute display. Julio Cesar Sabenorio as Miguel, the kid brother of Ramon, stole the show. He is annoying, funny and charming at the same time. At times, the jokes were so lame that they were good! Genesis Gomez, as Ramon, is captivating even with his obvious raw talent. His deadpan reactions while others are having some punchlines are effective and natural. He was specially impressive during his moments of despair. He didn’t overdo an otherwise window to be melodramatic. Joyselle Cabanlong, at first seemed a generic beauty that can be casted as one of those dramarama sa hapon insignificant characters. I also wished she was given more character nuances to explore. But as it is — she holds her ground as Abby, Guerrero’s pretty and young love interest.

My only hesitation regarding this film are the boxing mechanics. They were not bad but a more realistic approach can do some more wonders as to this audience emotional impact.

With the film’s cinematography, it might not be a topic for discussion among the local posts because of its simplicity and blend. But its non-obstructive manner is what makes it special.

The story’s entertainment value is without its payoff too. I wouldn’t dwell much on how the film wrapped up. Spoiler is not a practice here. But the last scenes were more than what was shown. It was more than a fascinating drone shot of a scenic landscape. Poetry is lost among the majority of movies that we’re seeing the past years. But this one has it.

Rhyme. Rhythm. Perspective.


[written by: Dima]

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