It Was The Birthday of Stephen Carey. And INSOMNIA PH Was There! No, It Wasn’t A Misspelling.

Somebody sent us a message and his name is Stephen Carey. Seriously.

So I thought, look at INSOMNIA PH! Somebody from the NBA heard about our online magazine! That’s dope!

Thou after seconds of processing, this Stephen Carey is not the superstar of Golden State Warriors. And the NBA’s version is Curry.

But it didn’t lessen the thrill. A gig is a gig is a gig. So we went to his birthday gig, BIG BOY NA ME, at Mow’s Bar. And it was straight fire! With the most exciting bands in attendance, including Stephen’s own group — the night was rewarded with great music, warm friendships (majority of the bands came from PWU where I am teaching) and unlimited beverages and food.

The bands that performed were:

Tone Project

Servus Dei

As Silent As The Forest


Tom’s Story

Banna Harbera



And here are some of the moments captured —


[written by: Dima / photos by: Ahmae, Tricia and Dima]

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