Indie Bands and Drunk Photography at Mang Rudy’s

A few nights ago, a good friend Jabes whom we are calling “Jabes Ka Talaga!” and his friend Jose’s prod group Red Button organized a gig at Mang Rudy’s in Makati. It was a get together of sorts — students and alumni musicians of PWU were there. And some tropa:

Purple Elevators

The Tiemporaries






Chopper Seven


The Lucids

That Moon

Tone Project

Some of the band members of some groups came from another band that were also present there. So, imagine the awkward moments when you have a bad blood on your former band. LOL! Joke lang. They were just chillin’ and were having some fun.

Here are the photos, by the way.  And in case you’re wondering what the fuck’s going on with those blurry images — Yes, we’re calling it DRUNK PHOTOGRAPHY.




[written by: Dima / photos by: Dima, Rhona Mae and Tricia]

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