Solution To Depression

The solution to depression is a double-edged sword. And I’m not even sure if it’s a sword.

Because one — you can just brush it off so as not to exaggerate the melancholic tendencies. But that would be escaping the problem. And it may hunt you in the long run.

And two — deal with it. Articulate and consciously define what’s bothering the self. But if you’re in a nightmare, why would you want to go deeper on it?

It seems easy to say that the sure cure for depression is happiness. But unlike insomnia which has the sure cure by getting more sleep, emotion is a tricky condition. In the first place, insomnia is not a sickness. Just a time zone confusion of the body’s system.

The root cause of depression is aloneness. Even if one is surrounded by people. Thus, a sad realization — perhaps, there’s no clinical solution. Only existential. One has to find his/her self. But how? The answer might be hard to do. But obvious. If only the goal is to figure it out.


[written by: Dima]

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