KITA KITA: Because Excellence!

Okay, I know I’m late at the party. But I’m glad I’m here now. The film KITA KITA is the most awesome movie in my recent memory. The last time I had this reaction was when I saw I’M DRUNK I LOVE YOU. And I can’t even decide now that maybe, this is even better. This is the type of movie that you don’t have to go against the grain, against the popular sentiment. Because the million audience who watched it were right! It earned more than 300 million and deservingly so. It’s the highest pinoy indie film and I hope more indie films can learn from it. It doesn’t have the star power mainstream cinemas can give but Empoy and Alessandra de Rossi hold each scene with exceptional natural acting. It also doesn’t try the usual artsy fartsy deep shitness some films attempt. Just an engaging storytelling that audience can laugh, cry, smile and feel every bit of details. Including the seemingly absurd parts. My Gahhd! You’ll love every minute of it.

Still, I won’t tell any spoiler but the totality is in the level of such classics as SAMURAI X: TRUST AND BETRAYAL. I know it’s a weird description. And the said anime film doesn’t have the punchlines like KITA KITA. But the mastery of emotion, how it was controlled, is admirable. The right timing of comedy and drama was excellently written and directed. Including scenes that depict both pain and joy at the same time.

I hope cosmos and creative Gods can give us more films like this. Because art, because audience, because acting, because storytelling and directing. Because excellence!


[written by: Dima]

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