ADORATION Movie: Stagnant [But Beautiful] Setting, Engaging Emotional Journey

The 2013 film ADORATION [also known as ADORE in US, Canada and UK; and internationally as TWO MOTHERS and PERFECT MOTHERS] is about two long time best friends [Naomi Watts and Robin Wright] who fall in love with the other’s son. It’s the ultimate MILF movie you might think. But if you are just looking for steamy sex scenes, you might be disappointed. Thou even without it, or there’s just a little of it — the story is still sexy. And actually heartfelt. Thank in large part to the two leads’ natural acting talent.

The beach front setting also contributes to this enchanting movie. Thou maybe, a biased perspective of me while missing the province and the sea.

While there’s no new viewpoint or jaw dropping premise presented, this movie is not difficult to like. The storytelling is engaging. And while you will feel that like its characters, you too are stuck in an stagnant [but beautiful] location — there is some sort of emotional journey happening.

The only question I have for this film is — What’s with so many titles?!


[written by: Dima]

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