Transgression of Values in Victor Villanueva’s PATAY NA SI HESUS


Victor Villanueva’s PATAY NA SI HESUS in this year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino is the only entry I had only watched and probably the only that I would watch among the film festival’s most recent batch. It has a very simple story—it is simply a story of an almost typical Visayan family—yet very profound and rich in philosophical and religious allusions, and the Visayan jokes were so bad that it’s good.

The humor was so good that people did not noticed what the makers of this film did there. The following are the parts of the film that I think worth discussing:

Firstly, the title. The title is allusive of the nihilistic concept of “God is Dead” in the controversial Frederick Nietzsche’s philosophy. Well, the film itself is very nihilistic and transgresses traditional family and social values.

Secondly, I felt a wave of disturbance when I saw the scene when the nun strip herself naked and threw all her nun clothes away and stretched her arms wide feeling the freedom. It’s a very beautiful symbolism and very nihilistic.

Lastly, the part when the family mourned for their dead dog named Hudas while the procession of the dead father named Hesus passes by unnoticed—a beautiful mockery of the traditional Filipino religious values!

Ghad, I never felt so satisfied paying for the big screen.


[written by: Jubert Cabrezos]

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