KIKO BOKSINGERO: Nothing’s New But Its Simplicity And Sincerity Make The Film Charming

There is nothing mind boggling here. No new perspective either. In fact, the title KIKO BOKSINGERO is somehow a misnomer. But the movie is very charming. As well, its characters. Its simplicity and sincerity are the film’s biggest asset. The picturesque Baguio setting helped too.

Yayo Aguila is lovely and disarming, as expected. And it’s a pleasant treat to see again the reliable Yul Servo. The new child star Noel Comia Jr is surprisingly good! He’s a natural.

For a film fest marred with numerous issues and has the lowest grant among other festivals, KIKO BOKSINGERO is a breath of fresh air. And to look back, this is almost the very reason why Cinemalaya was established.


[written by: Dima]

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