Dissertation Upon Sade’s 120 DAYS OF SODOM

Recently, I was reading 120 DAYS OF SODOM, a novel by the French libertine Le Marquis de Sade. The novel is about four wanton aristocrats who hired men to kidnap pretty boys and girls and lock them in a remote castle in the middle of a black forest only to be sodomized for one hundred and twenty days. This novel was admired and despised by writers, artists and philosophers alike. During the Second World War it was read as an allegory showing the conditions of the Jewish people in Nazi concentration camps.

An average fuccboi would brag about how his bitch blew him and swallowed his load. But what he might not know is that we are all cock-suckers and we are swallowing that pineapple-sweetened cum that this world is feeding us. The castle in Sade’s novel is, at the least extent, our sad country run by sadists who did nothing but to sodomize us to the point of shattering our own humanity. Just look at all these bureaucracy in all our institutions (it even resides in local artists’ circles!) — all these corporate slavery where people are reduced to being mere slaves; these little rights we have; this Kafkaesque human existence of earning money just to pay bills; all these butt-fuckery!

Imagine all the arms races, natural selection, countless attempts to get laid (to pass the genes, of course), predators, and apocalyptic mass extinctions that our ancestors endured just to have us in this world—and we are here trying to make money just to pay internet bills and eat cold food.

The author of the 120 DAYS OF SODOM wrote this novel while imprisoned for being a pervert. When his cell was stormed during the French Revolution, he was transferred to another prison and he lamented because he thought his oeuvre was lost forever. But then it was rediscovered in the 20th century and a lot of people voted to destroy it. Still it was saved and published and even adapted into a film. Because why would you even burn a work of art that describes how the world works?

A lot of people, too, condemned it as mere pornography. The author himself called his masterpiece “the most impure tale ever written since the world began.” He wasn’t joking because it’s really a collection of stories of libertines with different impure sexual appetites. Want a sample? There was a story inside the novel about a guy who hire pregnant prostitutes to have their babies aborted so that he could eat the fetus because he gets sexually aroused only by savoring unborn children. Still, it’s no pornography. It’s a work of social realism describing the world as a remote castle in the middle of a dark forest and we, the sex slaves, are continuously sodomized by perverts—sadists who enjoy seeing our painful existence until we simply die—murdered by this sadistic hellish world.


[written by: Jubert Cabrezos]

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