CLOUD ATLAS: Convoluted Plot Just For The Heck of It

The movie CLOUD ATLAS has so many things that you need to digest but all for nothing. The film not only suffers from convoluted plot [which i normally like, but not with this one] but also unlovable characters resulting from weak characterization because of so many useless expositions. While it is always alluring to have complex plots and timeline to have that mind-fucked feel, CLOUD ATLAS doesn’t deliver in making the protagonists relevant to its audience. It was a potentially good gimmick but the story was so detached to have at least a semblance of relevance. It may not be a total waste of your 3 hours, but mathematically speaking… you can watch 2 good movies with that span of time. And I can summarize my lengthy dragging review regarding the movie CLOUD ATLAS in one word:



[written by: Dima]

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