Beer, Bands and Dirty Place of Comfort

While nursing a toothache of epic proportion, I remember some scenes in the movie Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio, after a grand party with the rich and famous, invited Kate Winslet to another party with the hoi polloi. For him, it’s the more real gathering.

I remember those scenes not because Leonardo had a toothache too on that movie. Or I look like Leonardo. But because the other night, I was with some friends at Solaire for an event. Just like with Titanic, there were some friendly and good people too. And if not for the venue, it could have been a good night. But within the four walls of a high class venue, something’s missing. People are wearing the priciest outfit, everything’s guarded. And civil.

Then I wonder, if I am rich, will I produce that same event and social meeting there? Most probably, not. I would prefer the nature. The Palawan paradise, perhaps. Or Batanes. Or some garage with a production design to fit the occasion. Or any dirty place of comfort.

Or maybe, perspective. Maybe, this is the reason why I can not become rich. I was actually itching that time to just go back home. A house where my friends called Doghouse. Aside from the fact that I had many dogs before, the house is a mess. But I love it!

So immediately after the event, I went out of the place and rode a taxi. I went where my friends were. At The Collective in Makati is Aloha Bar. Red Buttons‘ bands are playing — The Tiemporaries, Dear Khalifa, Akasiya, Move to Neptune, Kayumanggi, Caramela, Tribu ni Dulu, HateRed, Chopper Seven and Larry’s Bird. Almost unknown bands to many. It was not the night of crowded Route 196 with Ang Bandang Shirley or Cheats. Or Franco at Saguijo. But just the same, a night like that was straight fire. None the 5 star hotel premium food and drinks. But the more authentic 50 peso Red Horse bottles were there. And the smoking hot sisig. The noisy guitar riffs, loud drum rolls and honest sweat.

I had a bad case of toothache that night but hearing them play with utmost fervor and energy made me almost forgot about it. I went home before morning, went straight to bed and cried away the pain. Yeah, the fuckin’ toothache!


[written by: Dima / photo by: Jabes Saitanan and Rhona Mae Tuaño]

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