CAREDIVAS: Entertaining But There’s No Aftertaste Or New Insights To Think About

If you like the comedy brand of Laffline, Klownz and Club Mwah you might want to check out the latest offering of PETA [Philippine Educational Theater Association] — CAREDIVAS. The audience keeps laughing throughout the play.

Not me thou.

Because as I want to witness a legit theatre experience, what I saw was a stand up comedy. Nothing’s wrong with being entertaining. But if there’s nothing to offer except some temporary laughs, I can’t help it but look back at PETA’s more legit presentations during their earlier years — brave, provocative and sincere.

To be fair, the production has precision. The costumes are relatively grand, as I expected. And the story has the potential to be emotional. The protagonists are overseas Filipino workers [OFW] in Israel. For a son of an OFW, this should pull some heartstrings. Just like when I watched the Vilma starrer ANAK. Another story about OFW — its pain and joys; its dilemma, implications and eventualities. The movie ANAK scenes were all relatable. But for CAREDIVAS, it felt gimmicky. The supposed personal tragedies were only there for emotional manipulation. And didn’t work.

You will go home and recognize that majority of its audience enjoyed it. Well, that means success for them. It served their target market. But just after few minutes of walking away from the theatre, you know that it’s not for you to savor — there’s no aftertaste, no new insights to think about, no contextual flavor whatsoever.

You will also wonder — PETA is no longer the iconic theatre group we knew. It is now an enterprise.


[written by: Dima]

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