They Don’t Want To Be Different. They Want To Fit In.

60s and the 70s can be defined as years of sexual revolution. While there were other strong factors such as music and fashion, the era’s main happenstance is its liberation. For the 80s to 90s, Manila sound to the alternative rock — a generation of angsty experimentation resulting to different art forms and other subculture phenomena.

At present, nothing can better describe this era than the expression WALANG FOREVER. A hugot generation’s main perspective and longing to be together, to find company, to fit in. Unlike the past years’ teens that want to prove the world that he/she is different. That he/she wants to fuck the norms. Today, majority of the youth populace’ idea of cool is to blend — to get the latest gadget .. “just like everyone”.

To belong rather than to be different. Even today’s recycling of the idea HIPSTER is a misnomer. Many say they are different thus their self-proclaimed branding of their selves as hipsters. Almost saying in chorus [the fashion sense, the gestures, etc] that they are different. An irony. Because a group is a group. Not the best way to announce individuality.

But this pseudo-analysis is not to say what or who’s better. It is after all just a pseudo analysis. Each generation has some labels for the posers. Post-modern is a sample of that. Art and culture’s vague description of anything to get away with precise and concrete definition of things unclear.

The beauty of time is life. But the tragedy of it is not death.
But the censorship of its memory.


[written by: Dima]

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