Shane Jones’s LIGHT BOXES is a Poetic and Chilling Depiction of Isolation

American poet Shane Jones’s 2009 novel LIGHT BOXES is a poetic, chilling and almost Kafkaesque presentation of isolation and depression.

To summarize the novel – the story revolves around a town that has a traditional practice of flying kites and hot-air balloons. The practice was halted when a deity named February became depressed and isolated himself. The sky turned dark and there was eternal snowfall devastating the town. The kids could no longer fly their kites and people can longer ascend their hot-air balloons.

In a fascinating wonderful imagery, Shane Jones tells us the truth about isolation—that the one who isolates himself or herself is not the only one suffering, but also those people around and close to him or her.

Its fable-like allegory is truly a classic of postmodern literature.


[written by: Jubert Cabrezos]

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