Allan Derain’s ANG BANAL NA AKLAT NG MGA KUMAG is one of PH Lit Best Novels of 21st Century

Filipino writer Allan Derain’s folkloric and prophetic novel ANG BANAL NA AKLAT NG MGA KUMAG [The Holy Book of Plebeians] is one of the most brilliant and best novels that appeared in the first years of the 21st century.

The novel is a creative and eclectic retelling of Philippine and Filipinized Western myths to convey rather vague yet rich philosophical and political messages. Derain brings us to a strange yet familiar world of Bakunawas, gods, aswangs, and other creatures of Philippine folklore, creating a pantheon of local mythology. The moving psychological flavor and obscure satire is reminiscent of Ovid’s famous epic THE METAMORPHOSIS. Indeed, Derain is the brown Ovid.


[written by: Jubert Cabrezos]

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