8 Birthday Celebrants, 7 Bands, 1 Night to Remember

They are from different bands and June is their birth month so they decided to celebrate it by what else — a gig to remember! Okay, I know this is the lamest introduction. But the event was straight fire!

Gianne Garcia organized the said celebration last June 10 at Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill And Papaitan. Here are the celebrants and their birthdays:

Gianne Garcia of Hotsi Patootsi, Dhruva Tara & Eevee (June 13)
Ker Floria of Hotsi Patootsi & Pop U (June 14)
Garet Yambao of Margaret (June 14)
Gino Dela Pena of Margaret (June 21)
Sean De Leon of CHNDTR & Maryzark (June 22)
Gel Del Pilar (Iwa Motors) of Tanya Markova (June 25)
Enzo G. Villegas of Eevee (June 27)
Paolo Segura of Eevee, Urie’s Attack & Maryzark (June 29)

And these are the bands that performed:
Hotsi Patootsi
Margaret PH
Tanya Markova
Urie’s Attack

Some photos of what happened that night:



[photos by: Dima, John Paul Misiera, Tricia Turla, Rhona Mae Tuaño]

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