To Fellow Members of PUTA [Philippine Underpaid Teachers’ Association]:

We need to convene soon. And talk about the necessary steps on how to protect the interest of students, teachers and education in general. Also, there will be workshops to properly enhance the revolutionary learning paradigm [RLP].


1. The use of powerpoint presentation is highly discouraged.
2. Assigning reports to students is for lazy teachers only.
3. We don’t adhere to PAASCU accreditation. The only affirmation we need is from the students.
4. Learnings are the students’ responsibility, not ours. But we need to trigger their interest. They should be entertained during class time.
5. There’s none the monopoly of truth. We are not the exclusive source of knowledge. We’re just facilitating it.
6. We don’t teach theories just for the heck of it. We tell them those shitness so they can break it.
7. At the end of their academic life, they should be exceptional. And if you consider yourself as brilliant, they should be more brilliant than you. Or at least have the potential to.
8. Profanities are highly encouraged as form of expression. They need to let go any inhibition. Also, we don’t tell them to shut up if they are noisy or even if they disagree with us. We actually want them to be noisy and engaged. And analytical. Including and specially to the things that we tell them.
9. They should know that formal education is almost always useless. Grades can’t buy even a can of sardines.
10. Teaching is not a work or raket. But a vocation. We can invite them or let them know certain theatre plays, films or events. But we don’t require them those things for grades. Or worse, for a price percentage.
11. Students should know that the end goal is not to find employment. But to find their selves.
12. Hindi mataas ang ating pinag-aralan. Malalim! [What we’re giving them is not high education. But deep enlightenment.]


[text and photo by: Dima]

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