I admire and enjoy the Bible as a work of literature. Reading a few chapters of the Book of Genesis again tonight, I now conclude that Adam and Eve’s story is my favorite part.

While this is traditionally seen as The Fall of Man, I beg to differ. The Serpent, deemed by some as one of the incarnations of Satan, is a Promethean character. As Prometheus was punished for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans, the Serpent was punished for giving humans true free will by leading them to knowledge of good and evil. The Serpent is a patron of humanity. He tasks us to go out and find knowledge instead of merely believing what we are told.

I’ve said somewhere else that our ability to tell stories is directly related to our capacity to tell lies and that if Satan is the father of lies then he must be the god of writers.


[written by: Randy Villanueva / photo by: Dima]

Reposted with permission. First appeared here:

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