HONOR THY FATHER Might be the Most Important MMFF 2015 Movie. But it was Overrated.

HONOR THY FATHER might be the most important MMFF movie of 2015. At least for this audience. Also, it is worthy to note that what the festival did was an outright injustice as a result of politicking. Check Google if you can’t remember what happened.

This is the same group that created the film OTJ and the film almost has the same attitude and balls. But aesthetically speaking, HONOR THY FATHER is not at the same level of OTJ. Thank goodness, there’s John Lloyd to save majority of the scenes. Directing is superb. Not to expect less from a talented director that is Erik Matti. Storytelling also lives up to any expectation because it’s from Michiko. But what separates this movie from OTJ is the story [not the storytelling]. The Michiko penned MAGNIFICO was even better than this.

The best child performer Krystal Brimner lacks depth in acting. Along with cinema greats Meryll Soriano and John Lloyd, it is so noticeable that her acting needs more workshops.

And some other things. Like its uneventful ending that was inclined more as a pseudo indie effect rather than to communicate a clear happenstance.

Thou all of these biases might be the result of a high standard that is OTJ. And also the brilliant tandem of Matti and Yamamoto. But after hearing the praises, for this audience, this film is overrated.


[written by: Dima]

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