RUBY SPARKS: Weird, Magical and Engaging

Let me start this review with the final scene. It was open-ended and it gave me the opportunity to make up my own ending and pretend that Calvin, after that final afternoon with Ruby, let her go.

I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant to watch the film because I mostly shy away from films that people I know, like. I don’t know why but I promised myself that I will, at the very least, try to watch films out of my comfort zone and I thought RUBY SPARKS was one of them… for some reason.

I was hugely mistaken. It was precisely the kind of movie I loved, one of those films that just leaves you astounded and I regret not watching it as soon as people recommended it.

At first, I thought it was going to be cheesy because it started that way and as far as I knew, it was a story about a guy who wrote about a girl who came to life and well, that’s not exactly my cup of tea so I was ready to shut my laptop down and give up with this film.

Something just told me to keep watching and I did and now, this movie means a lot to me. I think it just goes to say that you should first see the whole story before you judge it.

I love the message it was trying to spread, you can’t control love and nor should you. I think I’d be right to say that Zoe Kazan based her story on the patriarchal system people have been so accustomed to and damn did she get it right.

Calvin was a good guy, shy and has a lot of baggage but a good guy all the same and as much as I liked his character, he was the representation of all men who still believes that they’re superior over women and the moment Ruby wanted something for herself, he got scared of her having life when all he had was her.

It was repulsing to watch the climax when Calvin kept writing command which Ruby, having no choice, had to do and that was the moment I fell in love with the film.

It was so honest and represented so much of the battle women has been in for the longest time and I applaud Zoe Kazan for an amazing writing and an amazing portrayal of Ruby Sparks.

And as I end this review, I will go back to how I started it. The ending was open-ended and I hope to God Calvin had enough of that ‘genius’ in him left to understand that he should leave Ruby alone.


[written by: Cathrene Joseph]

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