GODS OF EGYPT — Nothing’s New. But Still, A Good Watch.

Tale as old as time — The Gods, Goddess and Mortals of Mythology. Whatever school of thought you read during the younger years. It might be an old story but the movie GODS OF EGYPT somehow delivered something. It might be nostalgia. Or an honest to goodness DTS surround sound. Or Gerard Butler and the anticipation that anytime he will shout “This is Sparta!”

Or the movie’s POV — the mortal, not of the Gods.

Yet, as mentioned, this is not the most brilliant and original idea to produce. But somehow, at the end of this almost one dimensional film, I still rooted for the protagonists to win. For some reasons, themes “good vs. evil” and “love conquers all” are still engaging and entertaining.

This is not the first time that I like simplistic movies. But I’m cool with it. GODS OF EGYPT is a masked fairy tale but we can forgive its shallowness. Because the child in us, at times, can still believe in tall tales.


[written by: Dima]

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