BATMAN THE KILLING JOKE is Twisted and Poetic. This Might Be the Best Batman Movie.

BATMAN THE KILLING JOKE is a gem. While the live action DC movies have cardboard characters, many times the animated counterparts, like this one, know better how to have complex, breathing and real people. Still an action packed story but the soft side wasn’t disregarded. The audience might not necessarily cry because of this film but one’s emotion is always in check. Joker’s distressing but almost agreeable perspective; Batgirl’s unrequited love; Batman’s sense of justice and hardened attitude; as well the supporting roles’ struggles — are elements of an engaging watch.

And at times, good storytelling will just be ruined by a mediocre ending. But this one ended with a high note. A poetic and twisted movie wrap up. It serves well with the film’s theme of weird personalities and gloomy milieu. Very Gotham!


[written by: Dima]

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