THE WITCH: Picturesque and Eerie But Boring

The main character of the movie THE WITCH looks like a younger Rhian Ramos. But it’s not an integral part of this pseudo review.

Touted as the next big horror movie by critics, THE WITCH shows potential on its early minutes. With simple yet picturesque cinematography, what one can only do is admire its eeriness.

But you’ll fall asleep after some more minutes!

While it has some moments of beautiful inconveniences, the film wasn’t terrifying at all. In fact, I forced myself to like it and to believe that it is an engaging story. But it failed.

The end part could have been a big moment. And I was hoping that it will eventually introduce its audience to more interesting scenes. But lo and behold, it was just a gimmick to end the snoozefest.


[written by: Dima]

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