Silence Doesn’t Mean Order

A fellow teacher barged in while I was having class berating me and my students that we should tone our voices down. Saying that she’s so annoyed with our noise. But this post is not about me. But about society’s idea of order. Or at least the majority.

Many tend to equate silence with order. And in this case, a member of the education institution, a fellow professor, thinks that the proper way to conduct a class is to do it in silence. The exact opposite of what I am telling every class — to make noise and express their selves. Whether they agree [with the teacher or any person in authority] or not. They are communication students so let me hear them.

Rooted from our parents’ perspective, when we say something not to their comfort, they have the tendency to say — “Tumahimik ka nga! [Just be quiet!]” Or at least the majority of them. From parents, to church to society… We always hear it — “Kung walang mabuting sasabihin, tumahimik na lang. [If you have nothing good to say, just keep your silence]”. Suppression as the safest option.

Anyway, back to my fellow professor… She said they are having a yoga class that’s why they need silence. I told her she needs inner peace. And if someone needs silence, the burden is not on the noisy group. Because we can tolerate silence while having a loud class.

I also said they should not have a YOGA class next to our classroom. She asked furiously, “why not?!”

I answered — “Dima ..Yoga”

She didn’t understand, she left.


[text and photo by: Dima]

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