There are More Than 13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch 13 REASONS WHY

13 Reasons Why is about a manipulative dead girl, Hannah Baker, terrorizing the living with her self-centered idea of life and death. This is a pseudo philosophical and existential series that is trying hard to look cool. The characters all sounded the same. Even the adults, but specially the teens, are acting straight from a constipated drama school of thought. The script was written flatly for one dimensional characters. The over-analyzation of the supposed reasons why she committed suicide smacked the world of its real problems — for all the wrong reasons.

Majority of Netflix original series are unique, interesting, bold and insightful. But this one banks on mediocrity and safe bets. And guess what? It has the message that committing suicide is cool! And if an insecure person with all her self-inflicted pains decided to take her life, the blame is on everyone except the self. How’s that for romanticizing suicide?! Why on earth would one create a show encouraging people that suicide is the answer?! Pure bullshit!


[written by: Dima]

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