THE YOUNG POPE or How to Write an Entertaining Religious Series. Well, Almost.

The TV series THE YOUNG POPE started strong. Who would not be curious and interested with this opening lines from the Pope —

“What have we forgotten? We have forgotten to masturbate, to use contraceptives, to get abortions, to celebrate gay marriages, to allow priests to love each other and even to get married. We’ve forgotten that we can decide to die if you detest living. We’ve forgotten to have sexual relations for purposes other than procreation without feeling guilty! To divorce, to let nuns say mass, to make babies in all the ways science has discovered and will continue to discover. In short, my dear children, not only have we forgotten to play, we forgotten to be happy. And there is only one road that leads to happiness. And that road is called freedom.”

It was raining and after his opening salvo, a miracle happened — the sun shines. As if the heaven approves his unorthodox teachings.

Jude Law is mesmerizing, saintly and at the same time diabolical. It’s like watching Death Note where you wonder whether Light Yagami a protagonist or not. The story is poetic, philosophical and brave. At least the first 7 episodes.

The last 3 episodes are unimaginative, uneventful and monotonous thou. After presenting an unusual character and storytelling, the last parts chose to take the tried and tested formula — salvation and redemption.



[written by: Dima]

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