SEKLUSYON: A Pretentious and Gimmicky Movie With Too Many Cardboard Characters

SEKLUSYON has a good message. But the movie suffers from too much artsy fartsy pretensions and bad acting. The actors sound as if they are just reading script. The nun character is just whispering the whole time. Just like Fifty Shades’ Anastasia. The supposed mysterious kid is just blabbering words. The evil antagonists are not scary. And even the usually reliable Neil Ryan Sese is a cardboard character here.

The story is just a series of convoluted scenes with no coherence and engaging narrative. This is not the OTJ level Erik Matti.

Instead of getting inspiration from the more effective Asian brand of horror where there is true and natural creepiness, SEKLUSYON follows the Hollywood type of horror — gimmicky, effects-heavy and flat.


[written by: Dima]

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