SAVING SALLY: A Major Leap for PH Animation But Let’s Hope They Can Write Better Stories Next Time

The movie SAVING SALLY is a major leap, not only to PH animation industry, but also a big deal as one of MMFF’s entry. We will always be thankful to this year’s screening committee for offering different quality films. We have genre and theme options — docu, animation, horror, indie, y.a., lgbt, etc.

This may not be a popular opinion but —

Having said the MMFF’s most noble intentions and fruits of labor, SAVING SALLY, if not for its animated element, is just a simple love story. It is sincere, no doubt. But the story is so simple to the level of mediocrity. There is basically nothing new! The acting doesn’t help too. Almost all actors (and actresses) are too cartoonish and theatrical. Including the character actors whom we previously saw as dependable. Here, it feels like they are just pronouncing words.

The use of English language is interesting too. The creators, I assume, did this with their goal to have it distributed internationally. But it somehow hinders true nuances of the native tongue. We can’t help it but feel that these characters are too pa-cool and pa-sosyal to be considered real. Just look at the scenes where they are having some tagalog ad-libs, those are the movie’s most honest banters. And even if they were thinking of the international release as the reason for the language, just remember those films and series from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Paris, etc. They were able to “conquer” the world with their own language, they can deliver it with natural nuances… Just with the help of subtitles.

Alleviating the masa crowd to its long time menu of shallow entertainment, as I earlier mentioned, is noble. But make them come to movie houses. Don’t alienate them.


[written by: Dima]

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