APOCALYPSE CHILD is a Bit Weird, Absolutely Scenic and Totally Entertaining

Finally, a movie without the pabebe annoying hugot lines! Apocalypse Child is a breath of fresh air — an indie film without the pretentious artsy fartsy sleep inducing pseudo meanings. It is raw, fresh and most importantly — entertaining! Its weird undertone is a necessary inconvenience. And for a movie shot with a single location, the storytelling is brilliant to keep its audience interested. Actually, the presence of the Baler sea and its rich landscape are almost enough reasons to experience this movie. There is something mystical about the place. You will have a sense of wonder and enchantment that not only the characters are its protagonists. Because very evident and important is the film’s scenery.

And speaking of its characters — superb! Sid Lucero perfectly fits. His cool attitude without being pa-cool is an engaging presence all throughout the story. The almost casual sex is a driving force that pushes the film’s emotional journey. Archie Alemania, despite limited minutes, is an excellent presence. He’s a natural, funny and versatile. As always.

Nothing can be said about the rest of performers. Because they are outstanding too!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much before watching this. I thought this can be passable at worst and watchable at best. But it exceeded my expectations. To say that this film is engaging is an understatement. This is, actually, a must watch!


[written by: Dima]

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