I’M DRUNK, I LOVE YOU: Beer, Bagnet and Beautiful Miseries

Many times, cool movies tend to portray insincere and one-dimensional characters. Even worse are the pa-cool. Including its cardboard characters. Often, the uncool and the gritty are what translate into cinematic triumph. But the film I’m Drunk, I Love You. is an exemption. It is cool but sincere. Just like John Mayer songs — relaxed, honest and heartfelt.

Maja, finally, with a role right for her. She’s a good actress but Star Cinema keeps giving her sosyal role that isn’t for her. She’s a natural jologs [in a good way]. Here, she’s funny, pained and charming.

For a non-fan of Paulo Avelino, he is a revelation. I almost always equate big eyes with expressive and effortless acting — John Lloyd, Joel Torre, Angel Aquino, etc. I also have this almost hasty generalization that fair-skinned male actors are not textured enough to have a nuanced portrayal of any kind. But this movie proves me wrong. Fair-skinned and a chinito, he is an extraordinary talent. Effortless awesomeness!

Dominic Roco, as I expected, is wonderful. He attacks his role not as a shallow slapstick gay character as we usually see in mainstream movies. He has depth and thoughtful presence.

The story is not forcing anything. Almost an organic journey. If there’s even a term. LOL!
Many times, the feel of a free flow story can somehow bore the audience. But not the case with this film. Sharp and amusing dialogues keep this movie interesting despite the talkies. And with lovable characters whom you are already emotionally invested, I’M DRUNK I LOVE YOU is a painful beautiful ride that reminds us that beer is a good companion, for better or worse days. That eating bagnet and other supposedly unhealthy foods is perfectly fine. And it’s okay to embrace sadness. And cry.

Because living.


[written by: Dima]

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